Born - January 1, 1952
Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree - Bloomsburg University

Bob Barry - Award winning pianist, composer and producer celebrates four decades of a gifted musical journey. Gifted in the sense that
he is essentially self-taught and blessed with an incredible ear. Bob develops, records and performs his music entirely from memory. The celebration begins with the release of his fifth CD "Dream Passages".

Bob has composed and recorded hundreds of songs. He has toured across the United States, including Hawaii and throughout the Caribbean Islands. You will find an impressive list of venues on the Concerts and Events page including Carnegie Hall. Festivals private and corporate events, benefits and special appearances round out support for his music library.

Though his archive recordings hold scores of songs awaiting development and release, his current catalogue of five full length CD's containing a total of fifty-eight songs can be explored on the Discography page. Many award winning selections from Billboard and Mid-Atlantic Songwriters Association are woven throughout all of them. In 1994, Bob formed Piano One Records, inspired by just coming off producing the opening tour date for Yanni's symphonic tour during the summer of 1993. The mission of his new label was simple. . . bring to the hearts and minds of all ages, original, timeless sounding melodies and soundscapes that simply feel good to hear. Refreshing and rejuvenating layers of sound with very diverse patterns that match to the layers of our lives. Music to relax, think, drive, love and dream to.

Bob Barry

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