Bob Barry has been playing and composing on piano far longer than he has been known as a renouned piano tuner and technician. In fact his musical life began as a percussionist. Bob has been a professional technician and piano specialist for over 30 years.

Over the years he has encountered many of the 5000 brands of pianos manufactured over the past 125 years and is constantly amazed at how a deceivingly complex instrument of 8000 to 12000 parts has been unchanged in its overall part design and manufacture over all those years. Sure there are qualitative differences but few overall design differences. One thing is for sure. . .no two are alike regardless of the maker - similar, but always a one of a kind for better or worse.

Bob's studio, The Piano One Gallery, secluded in the northwest woods of Harrisburg, PA provides total piano care, sales and special orders of pre-owned pianos of all makes and sizes, and offers insured piano transport.

His technical expertise has brought him thousands of clients over the years. However, his rich history of music production and sound consultation got the attention of over 35 major major recording artists as they have toured near his base of operation. Here are some of Bob's favorite artists who called him to make their instrument sound just like they wanted:

One thing is for sure - whether its Billy Joel or a new client calling from a mile or so away - every piano gets treated with the same care and precision. After all Bob's music has to sound just right when he finished and ther's only one way it's truly right. So whether it's a Steinway, or Bosendorfer or just a small spinit, it will sound as good as possible.

Some of Bob's private concerts are actually mini concerts over a clients dinner hour when a special appointment is designed to get the piano in shape and followed up with an intimate musical experience.

Coming soon - Bob's design studio will be offering one of a kind keyboard wall art. Keep checking the website for availability of these unique items we promice you won't find anywhere else.

Feel free to e-mail Bob with any piano questions you may have. With that in mind - here's a little tip: NEVER, NEVER purchase a used piano privately without having a basic check up by a qualified piano technician. It won't cost you an arm and a leg and can save you a lot of headaches and needless expense.

And the list goes on...
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